We may be a bit unique when it comes to our obsession of rare vintages and small batch spirits, but we are also experts on the most popular brands and crowd-pleasing favorites. You can fly on in and grab a bottle quicker than anywhere else in Dallas, or you can browse our diverse selections.


There is something uniquely satisfying in pouring aged scotch or bourbon over chilled rocks, but what’s the difference between these whiskeys? And where does rye fit in? What’s better – buying a vodka to mix with our mixers? Or buying one flavor-filled straight out of the bottle? At what point do you add botanicals that morph into an aromatic gin? How do you choose a pirate-worthy rum or one for a cake? We love answering these questions. Monticello Liquor carries one of the largest selections of all of the above in Dallas, and (in all humility) we’re vastly knowledgable about them all. Whether your searching for a recommendation based on flavor, tone, or location of origin, you’ll find it here.